Profiles by Sarge 2020

I began taking pictures like most people as a hobby. Being the editor of my high school yearbook (Nikon in hand with film!) as well as studying graphic arts has molded my talent for what it is today.   The worlds of graphics and photography combined are powerful tools that tell each persons story in the way that post production is just as important as the shoot itself. 

After 15 years of serving corporate America in the role of a Sales Manager, everything drastically changed.   Because of life getting in the way, it afforded  the opportunity to move forward.   Making my passion for photography, fitness, the male form, and photo manipulation a full time service.   

There is no discrimination at PbS!!!  So, please never feel you are not photogenic, masculine, pretty, or built enough.   Embrace who you are today and remember that moment in professionally shot portraits.  

I look forward to working with you and collaborating on your artistic vision.  


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